1940’s Original Exhibit Supply Love Tester


Product Description

1940s Original Exhibit Supply Love Tester Machine. The ultimate love tester penny arcade machine. The arcade features the name ‘Love Tester” with the slogan “Measure Your Sex Appeal on this Meter”. Love tester options include: Sizzingly, furious, lovable, naughty, kissable, jealous, careful, glamorous, trifler, teaser, harmless, and has been. The back glass and coin slide indicate 2 cent play. Directions list “Insert coin, squeeze handle for answers” with the copyright 1944 Exhibit Supply Co of Chicago .

CONDITION: A nice original machine and very hard to find. The lights turn on when the machine is plug in the outlet. Some lights need replacing. The machine needs some tweaking. Something might be jammed. Will provide a 25 cent push coin slide for you to convert the original 2 cent play.

The unit measure: 82″ tall, 24″ wide, 20″ deep, and weighs 85 lbs.

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