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Vintage Movie Prop Rentals

Need unique vintage coin-op prop rentals for your next movie set, film, theater stage, antique trade show or magazine photo shoot? Looking for unusual antique coin-operated machines, devices, or genuine antique arcade memorabilia you’d like to rent for arcade trade show productions? Contact Gameroom Show to rent fortune teller machines and vintage coin-op penny arcades for antique trade shows, movie and film productions in the Florida and Georgia area.

We have a variety of vintage coin-op prop rentals and antique circus and old style carnival collectibles. We can supply the following vintage movie prop rentals: c. 1900s astrology fortune teller machines, horoscope fortune arcade games, authentic vintage signs, genuine amusement park knock down punk clown dolls, turn of the century ‘electricity is life’ shocker machines, grandma fortune teller machines, antique strength tester machines, vintage digger machine cranes and crane prizes, claw machines, classic mutoscope devices, coin-operated penny arcade machines, early 20th century automatons, retro vendor machines, tabletop trade stimulators, old-school love tester machines, antique slot machines, and other vintage memorabilia. We RENT vintage games as movie props for film sets, magazine photo shoots, antique trade shows, and stage productions in the Southeast (Florida and Georgia).

If you need some vintage coin-operated machines you’d like to rent for your film production, movie set, magazine photo shoot or antique trade show entertainment, then let us hear from you. We’ll work with show managers, set designers, theater designers, production agencies, movie prop shops and magazine editors for set locations in Florida and Georgia (FL and GA). Please call us at (904) 712-9465 (10am-6pm EST) or e-mail us at for the current availability of our coin-operated game machines. Be sure to type “Gameroom Show – Movie Prop Rentals” in the subject line of your e-mail so that your movie prop inquiry is forwarded to the correct department.

Our vintage coin-op prop rentals are authentic antique game room collectibles that will appeal to the historic character of your vintage movie production, period set decor or man cave game room set design.

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