Little Big Horn Presentation Plaque, c1951 Autographed Authentic


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Little Big Horn Presentation Plaque, c1951 Custer & The Little Big Horn Authentic
One of A Kind..Rare. Little Big Horn Rare Copper Autographed Presentation Plaque, c1951. Custer & The Little Bighorn, Indian War Battle Film Autographed 24″ X 20″. 100% Authentic autographed engraved Little Big Horn Movie Presentation Wall Plaque. Features 18 Actors and Mr. Warren with names engraved along the sides of the Little Big Horn Plaque.  Famous names Starring Lloyd Bridges, John Ireland, Marie Windsor, John Pickard,  Reed Hadley, Jim Davis, Hugh O’Brian, Wally Cassell, King Donovan, Sheb Wooley, Richard Emory, and others.  Directed by Charles Marquis Warren. Little Big Horn (also known as The Fighting Seventh) was nominated for an award by the Writers Guild of America in 1952. 
This Little Big Horn Movie Three Dimensional Copper Plaque was presented to Writer and Director Charles Marquis Warren. Plaque was created by actor Dick Paxton, a rare one of a kind, important piece of Hollywood Memorabilia. Measures 24″ x 20″, with Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Mildred L. Warren, wife and Framed Certificate Signed by Louis E. Shector, Chairman of Maryland Committee of Charles M. Warren.  The decorative copper plaque is in excellent condition and a valuable piece of Western Hollywood History. This is the story of a cavalry patrol trying to warn Lt. Col. George Custer before he reaches the Little Big Horn and warn him of the huge amount of Sioux that are awaiting him.  For additional information, call 904-712-9465. Shipping $79.00