Daval Gum Vendor Trade Stimulator w/ Jackpot front

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Product Description

Original Daval Gum Vendor 1930’s Trade Stimulator w/ Gumball Feature and Rare Jackpot Front. This countertop trade stimulator machine produced by the Daval Mfg. Co circa 1930 is in good working condition. Plays with 1 cent pennies and 5 cent nickels. Dispenses Gumball and hit the jackpot. Front Labels reads “Drop coin above”, “Push for Gum” with original “Daval Gum Vendor” label. Has large embossed eagle insignia and shield on each sides of the machine. Description on banner includes dates 1776 and 1933. Comes with two locks and keys. One of the keys is for opening the Jackpot coin front feature. The other key is used for locking and unlocking the back door to the vending machine and gumball refill. Has the original reel strips with fortune reels and award card. This is a rare machine to find with the additional jackpot feature. Many Daval Gum Vendor 1 Cent Trade Stimulators do not include the slot machine type jackpot front display. They only dispense gum. Dimensions: 9 X 11 1/2 X 9 1/2 inches. Shipping and handling: $60 (US) Please call for global shipping quote.  Sold #5901

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