25 cent Watling ROL-A-TOR Slot Machine Rare

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Product Description

SOLD! This original Watling Rol-a-Tor which was an early manufactured machine for a brief period in the Watling line of Slot machines. Shortly after the Rol-a-Tor line was on production was changed to Rol-a-Top due to patent infringement over the name from a law suit by Norge Rollator Refrigerator Company. So few Watling Rol-a-tors were produced especially the quarter machines. The 25 cent Rol – A-Tor machine is a very rare machine compared to the Rol- a-tops with only a few quarter machines ever manufactured. The Rol a tor were made only with “Golden Token awards “ feature and mint vendors. In the 1930’s who would pay 25 cent for a roll of lifesavers. No one wanted to pay a quarters for a nickel pack of life savers.
Soon Watling Stopped the production of quarters machines. all original condition, has Original paint, original Watling lock and key, original fortune reel strips, token award feature, original mint vendor locks with key, a nice rare machine for your collection. Machine in good working order. The mint vendors have plates with lock and key and does not vend mints at the moment. No. 0036 sold