Fan-Taz Baseball Syrup Soda Dispenser




Original C.1900’s Rare Fan-Taz Baseball figural Fan-Taz Syrup Dispenser. “Fan-Taz: The Drink of the Fans” slogan above the base labeled “A Pennant Winner”. This five cents ball shape ceramic was designed to look like a baseball. Has graphics of baseball bat and small baseballs surrounding central Fan Taz lettering. One similar sold the last week of April – April 26, 2014 – at Morphy Auction for $31,500 with buyer premium. Another Fan-Taz vendor was being offered recently on eBay for $39,500. Height 16″ with pump.

Fan-Tan baseball syrup dispenser c. 1920s: 100% original; near perfect ceramic porcelain condition makes this dispenser pretty incredible.

Condition: Excellent condition exception for a few small pressure lines on top of lip near dispenser top insertion. All appear very tight with no inherent deep cracks. The dispenser remains untouched with no chips. The brass pump found with ceramic dispenser years ago. May not be original syrup pump. See pictures.

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