Fan Taz Baseball Syrup Soda Dispenser


Fan Taz Baseball Syrup Dispenser Soda Fountain

Product Description

Original C.1900’s Rare Baseball figural Syrup Dispenser. “Fan-Taz: The Drink of the Fans” slogan above the base labeled “A Pennant Winner”. This five cents ball shape ceramic was designed to look like a baseball. Has graphics of baseball bat and small baseballs surrounding central Fan Taz lettering. One similar sold the last week of April – April 26, 2014 – at Morphy Auction for $31,500 with buyer premium. Another Fan Taz was being offered recently on eBay for $39,500. Height 16″ with pump.

Ultra Rare: 100% original; near perfect ceramic porcelain condition makes this dispenser pretty incredible.

Condition: Obviously, the pictures speak for themselves. Excellent condition exception for a few small pressure lines on top of lip near dispenser top insertion. All appear very tight with no inherent deep cracks. See pictures. The dispenser remains untouched with no chips. I added 12 pictures to view every side of this ultra rare dispenser. The brass pump found with ceramic dispenser years ago. May not be correct pump. $25,995