Reel 21 Cinq Reeler Trade Stimulateur



Description du produit

Reel 21 stimulateur du commerce a été produit par Daval Manufacturing Co. dans les années 1930. Cette machine comprend 5 bobines avec le
house reel” in the center of the machine. Draw or Deal. Player’s objective is to beat the house’s hand. The front label instructions on the trade stimulator state the following: “Reel 21” is played like regular Black Jack. The object of this game is to beat the “House” number on the center reel, yet not have any more than a total of 21. After opening shutter over “House” number, no more draws can be made. Player must always beat the “House” number. 21 can only be beated by a Black Jack hand which is made when a “blank” appears in the first window, a “10” in the second and an “11” in the third. All scores are indicated on the “House” window.”

This Reel 21 trade stimulator is in excellent working condition. The last reel is not spinning right now. Spring maybe off. Sell as is. Includes keys, restored. Excellent countertop trade stimulator collectible for any Black jack fan. $950

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