Rare Stock Exchange Gambler Coin-op



Product Description

The ‘Stock Exchange’ rare gambler coin-op was manufactured by Samson Novelty Company, Ltd of London, United Kingdom. This slot machine or gambling diddler (English term) is an example of a coin freed apparatus amusement machine. The concept of British coin freed amusement machines was patented in the 1890s by George Haydon & Frank Harvey Urry. This is one of the earliest British gaming gambling machines. The vendor reward payout was a fascinating feature to these gambling trade stimulator machines. Instead of the typical shop discounts or prizes, the Samson Stock Exchange rewarded customers with STOCK! Stock could be peas, corn, rice, bull, barley, oats, clover and beans with profits distributed based on the stock performance. Offering stock was a new and innovative concept at the turn of the century and stock market boom. It was also an ingenious way to bring gambling into London. To play, deposit a penny in coin slot, turn dial and watch the vertical roulette-like reel spins. Instructions state, “Insert penny in slot to purchase stock shown in window. Profits on stock are paid in cup below. See stock before you buy.” Stock would be exchanged based on the award card indicator. Shares were the prized commodity. A series of electric exchange gambling diddlers were developed by Essex Automatic Mfg. Co. based on a 1928 patent by Gordon Smith with similar design to the Stock Exchange.

Wall mounted gaming machine. Original Beautiful oak cabinet. Yellow front face includes the original ‘Stock Exchange’ label. Organic metallic features border the yellow motif in frame. Includes key. Excellent craftsmanship. c. 1900-1930s. Authentic Stock Exchange Gambler coin operated trade stimulator measures approximately 30 in high x 19 in wide x 7 1/2 in deep. Original rare British gambler machine. Learn more about Samsons coin operated machines of London and see the vintage flyer.

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