K.O. Boxer Arcade Machine




K.O.Boxer Arcade Machine perhaps Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling Boxers National Novelty c. 1928

This game is completely mechanical, and uses no electricity except for a light in the metal hood. The knockout boxer’s fighters are controlled by two gun triggers on the pistol grip controlled the boxer’s two arms independently. Each player must insert a coin for their manikin to box using their gun handle style grip. When a boxer strikes a blow on his chin this pushes in a pin which causes the manikin to fall down and collapse-a knockout, then the game is over. The manikin can not stand back up to continue boxing until another coin is inserted. One of the best ever arcade action games. KO – Knock Out Boxer works on a English penny. Pennies come with the machine. The back drop is in very nice condition. Has a sturdy iron base. A great looking machine in good working order. Has lock and key. If you have any questions, please call for shipping arrangements.