Babe Ruth The All American Baseball Game circa 1929-1931




The “All American Baseball Game” Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig as part of this game team by Amusement Machine Corp., circa 1929-1931, is an extraordinary example of a museum quality baseball arcade machine. This impressive American machine is regarded as the finest baseball arcade game ever produced. It measures 58″ tall. The cabinet, beautiful of line and finish, harmonizes with the most carefully planned interiors. Outstanding because of the colorful design of sign and background, the appeal of this game is irresistible. The dropping of a coin in the slot starts the action instantly.

The pitcher actually throws the ball at regularly timed intervals, varying his direction of delivery with each ball pitched. The manikin players include real American baseball players of the time, such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. All action is automatic except the release of the bat. This is controlled by the individual player, who may elect to strike at the ball pitched, or let it go by. If the ball is allowed to go by, the Umpire indicates whether it is a “strike” or “ball” by raising his right or left arm. If the ball is hit, it may result in a “safe hit” of either 1-2-3-4 bases or it may result in a fielded out. The scoreboard shows at all times the name of the “Batter-up” — “Strikes and Balls” charged against the batter, number of Outs for the half inning position of men on base and totals of “Hits” and “Runs” made during the inning. The pitcher continues to pitch until three “Outs” have been scored, whereupon the machine cancelling all records except the “Hits” and “Runs” totals, which remain visible until the next coin is deposited.

这个棒球机是与一个英俊的核桃柜打开双腿非常有吸引力的。 与序列号“1182”的游戏的金属斑块指示该游戏模式“H”和鞋底分配器是游艺机公司芝加哥,伊利诺伊州。 很少有1929年所有美国棒球机已知存在。 本机是在其行动如此积极,因此,在实际的户外棒球再现近的人,它保持着高度的兴趣和徘徊无论它位于吸引棒球爱好者。

In 1937, Rockola produced the Rockola Worlds Series Baseball Machine, a copycat version with a 1950s look and a veneered cabinet. The 1920s All American Baseball machine cabinet was not similar to the Rockola by any stretch of the imagination. This baseball machine is in excellent working condition.