Solar Horoscope Fortune Teller




Solar Horoscope Fortune Teller. Grandma Fortune Teller Solar Horoscope coin operated arcade by the Peerless Vending Mfg.

An original gypsy grandma Solar Horoscope Fortune Teller machine. Genuine multi-tiered cabinet cylindrical case, manikin bust, astrological chart and labels. Gypsy grandma is holding a fortune scroll in one hand. Manufactured by the Peerless Weighing and Vending Machine Corporation. Input coin in coin slot slide, turn the dial to the birthday, and receive a fortune card. A player receives “Your Horoscope and Forecast” derived from the astrological birthday sign. $4,500

Do you need the original manikin bust to complete your fortune teller machine? We’re also selling an additional solar horoscope manikin bust unit only.

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