Mutoscope卷c1895威尔艾琳回过本多佛尔? 珍稀无声经典



Mutoscope Machine Reel c1895 Will “Eileen Back” ever Ben Dover? A Rare Silent Classic includes Marquee

A Genuine early International Mutoscope picture reel dated c.1895. A popular Mutoscope reel of 1890’s maybe shown throughout Coney Island Club during the season. This rare reel depicts a girl with a hoop doing her thing. This reel was risqué for the 1890’s. Men seeing this act in a nearby saloon would go bonkers.  The reel is stamped Property of A. M. Muto. & Bio. Co., Serial #14 patented Nov. 5, 1895, Jan 25, 1898.  The reel runs very smoothly through a machine and is in great condition overall. At the beginning of show only a few of the pictures are bent slightly and one is torn slightly and one missing a small corner piece. This is expected for being over 110 years old.  Remains a rare and desirable working reel. Comes with colorful Marquee 19 1/2 ” x 10 3/8″. Please call or mail for additional information 904-712-9465.  I have several Mutoscope machines that look nice, as well as, the 1903 original Mutoscope reel & box of the original Steeplechase Mechanical Horse Ride at Steeplechase Park, Coney Island, NY.

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