Fey Lucky Spot Midget Dice Gambling Trade Stimulator




Fey Lucky Spot Midget Nice 100 percent Original Untouched Nickel Dice Game Trade Stimulator
This machine is for the purist. You just don’t find them in original condition.  Those days are long gone. This is a circa 1920’s Charles Fey “Lucky Spot 36” Midget Nickel Dice Game Trade Stimulator. This is 100% original untouched machine the way you want to find them.  Many of the machine you find have imitation award card papers, new added locks, reproduction back doors and restored to look new. However, its Rare to find them 100% original especially with all three award papers untouched, original lock, original back door, original playfield with dice, and original glass. Embossed on top Indian Chief and a Three Leaf Clover. A rare coin op machine game with art deco female bust theme on both sides and original round dice tumbler play field with perfect glass dome.  The game is in excellent working condition and was produced by Chas Fey & Son. Dimensions: Height: 9 1/2 inch, x Width: 10 inch, x Depth: 8 inch.  Complete your set with one of our cast iron trade stimulator machine stands for sale.