25 Cent的瓦特林ROL-A-评出的“鸟的天堂”老虎机





一个ROL-A-顶部被认为是老虎机的国王对任何收藏家。 乐园的这个25%的机鸟是最罕见沃特琳ROL-A-顶老虎机瓦特/双头奖,薄荷厂商,技能停止,金奖,橡木肋侧的情况下,原来的贴花,原始沃特琳硬币盒,原始金属卷筒带,原来奖卡,和原来的重后门。 满载机未恢复的机器。 我们打机20次以上机的工作原理,并支付,但不免除薄荷。 我们从来不打任何东西发生令牌或奖金的分配。 畅销的是条件。 失踪后门锁。 机是未还原。 失踪了分配器的杠杆部分,但我买了一个和安装。 请参阅照片的更多细节。
A rare find! As found, stored away many years ago. Untouched. This is a Watling Bird of Paradise QUARTER Rol-A-Top. Rol-a-Tops are know as The King of Slot Machines. Very desirable model and highly sought after by collectors especially with 25 cent coin denomination. A great Investment a fine addition to any game room.

A 25 cent Watling Rol-A-Top Bird with all these extra features are very very rare and a desirable machine for any collector.

The slot machine needs to be restored for 100% functionality. If you like restoring your own machines or working on projects, then consider this machine. The three skill top buttons are evident but needs the bottom lever part. The mint vendor knob and rollers are present but does not dispense a mint. Apparently needs adjusting. Has the original watling handle. Its unique in finish. I have another handle I can substitute off another machine if you don’t like the finish. Had a minor weld repair on casting. Please see all images for details. The machine will be a fine restoration project.

You never find a rare bird of paradise with all these features. I have not seen but only one other. Size: 25 x 17 x 16 inches. See all photos of description and email or call me if you have any additional questions. SOLD

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