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Antique Appraisal Service

Gameroom Show offers local and online appraisal services to help determine an approximate value of your coin-operated collectibles. We are experts in rare, coin-operated machines and collectibles, such as vintage slot machines, trade stimulators, penny arcade machines, fortune tellers, and jukeboxes. Several people use our appraisal service before listing their collectibles online. Every appraisal includes a professional historical report. Our antique appraisals feature an in-depth analysis of the machinery, its modifications, and evaluations of any reproduction castings While our appraisals are not intended to be used for tax purposes, they can be used for estate liquidation, insurance purposes, or simply to provide historic information on your coin-operated machine.

我们提供评估客户超过12年。 我们的许多客户告诉我们,他们是多么惊讶是由所有与他们收藏有关的历史资料。 在许多情况下,他们也惊讶地发现,到底有多少他们的收藏价值。

Our appraisal fee is $89.99 per appraisal per collectible. It takes approximately 1-5 business days to complete the appraisal and historical report. We will endeavor to mail the appraisal and report at no charge via USPS Priority Mail with free tracking.

要求一个评价,请发送电子邮件至。 一定要键入“Gameroom展 - 评估服务”,让您的请求转发到正确的部门在你的电子邮件的主题行。 请注意,我们不提供评估由美国国税局合格。

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