Mills Perfume Vendor Sprayer Circa 1900’s


Product Description

A rare Mills perfume vendor distributor machine by Mills Novelty Co. In very good condition. Few know to exist. The words “Whiffs of Fragrance” inscribe the top marque. Perfume your handkerchief was the idea during the turn of the century. During the 1900s vendors disposed of “slow moving perfume products” into the fragrance perfume bottles to increase store profits. Use the indicator to select one of the four fragrances at 1 cent penny per spray. Mills Perfume Distributor directions state, “Turn indicator to odor desired. Drop penny into slot and pull handle down”. Needs a minor part. The antique front casting is extremely sculptured with flowers, cupids, and filigree. Beautiful golden oak case with keys included. Genuine Mills Perfume Distributor Fragrance machine includes four 4 oz bottles. 1000 sprays are dispensed per each perfume bottle. 4 perfume bottles total. Authentic Mills Perfume Vendor. Vintage Mills Perfume Vendor Distributor sprayer measures approximately 17 in x 14 in x 11 inches and weighs 25 lbs. $10,000

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