Waddel Cigar Store Trade Stimulator



Product Description

Waddel Cigar Store Trade Stimulator Play Ball circa 1894-1897 Waddel Wooden Ware Works, GreenField, Ohio.

You will be able to find this machine pictured on page 194 Guide to Vintage Trade Stimulators & Counter Games by Richard M. Bueschel. A RARE “PLAY BALL” Trade Stimulator. Waddel also made the Waddel Bicycle, Waddel Discount Bicycle Wheel. These machines sell between $7,200 and $12,000. This rare Waddel Play Ball cigar trade stimulator maybe a few known to exist today. This countertop model is all original including the locks, metal balls and a local business label. Measures 24.25 x 19.75 x 17.5 inches. The coin op book, “For Amusement Only” pages, 126, 127 and 128 features four different Waddel machines but does not show this rare “Play Ball” machine. A bell rings each time the drawer is open and then closed. Shows evidence of its western appeal, features a large western tombstone case with oak curved glass front. Unlike a penny drop, the store proprietor for a charge provides the player with small steel balls instead of money to the customer. The player inserts the ball through a small hole on top of the oak glass playfield that randomly guides the steel ball to a maze of metal pins finally to a numbered hole below and eventually runs along a numbered lane and comes to a stop. The proprietor on the other side of the oak case can determine your winning number. The customer, if lucky, may win a cigar or a drink of hard whiskey.