Penny Roll Skill Trade Stimulator

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Product Description

1 Cent “Roll Skill” trade stimulator. This 1930s countertop penny drop skill game was manufactured by J.D. Drushell Co. The object of the game is to skillfully roll the penny down into the central slot marked by the arrow. The instructions state: “Can you roll the penny down to the arrow point”. To play, insert coin in embossed metal top and use the lever on the right side of the machine to turn the playing field left or right in order to maneuver the coin down the maze of ramps. If the player is successful at rolling the penny into the slot, the player will receive the coin back; otherwise, the coin drops into the coin bank. In Excellent condition and working order. Includes key.

Call for further details about our 1¢ Roll Skill coin-op trade stimulator for sale. Roll Skill game measures around 8″ length x 4″ wide x 14″ tall.