Groetchen Zoom Military WW2 Trade Stimulator



Product Description

1940s Groetchen Zoom Military WW2 Trade Stimulator. This countertop wartime trade stimulator machine was produced by Groetchen Tool Mfg Co for Americana propaganda during World War II. ‘Zoom: A Game of Skill’ is a counter flipball pinball arcade. To play, insert a 1¢ coin into top coin chute for ball and chance of additional play. One ball per penny. The object of the game is to skillfully hit the opponents’ battle ships. Flip handle and watch the ball fly around the spiral maze of the military airfield. If it lands in the ‘Hit’ position, player turns black central knob to receive additional balls and coin returned. Zoom features WW2 military airplanes, US Americana flag emblem, battleships and other war motifs. In working condition. Four military fighter planes on each corner of military field. Very rare to have an all original Zoom airplane trade stimulator in such great condition. Well-kept machine. Very attractive skill game for your coinop mancave, game room, or war collector display.

1941 International Mutoscope Zoom by Groetchen Co of Chicago. Measures around 23″ tall x 15″ wide x 9″. In blue, red and gold tones. Made of wood and cast aluminum. Please call for additional details about this collectible for sale! If you like this machine, be sure to view our other Groetchen Poison the Rat WW2 Military Trade Stimulator for sale.