Mills Electricity Is Life Firefly Shock Arcade Machine


Product Description

ELECTRICITY IS LIFE SHOCK MACHINE arcade game trade stimulator made by the Mills Novelty Company, Chicago Illinois. The machine is a fine example of an original shock machine. What is great about this particular machine is that all of the front stenciling to the front of the cabinet, the gold lion’s head coin slot, original red paint and the top signage is all original. Most machines have been repainted loss of original stenciling and missing the marquee on top. This machine has as the original top sign which reads “Electricity Cures many Ills”, “It’s Great Try It” and “Take A Shock”. To operate you simply deposit a penny in the lion’s head slot. Hold the left handle with one hand and gradually increase the electricity supply using the right handle which operates the perfectly working gauge. The interior mechanism appears to be in mint condition. What is so great about this particular specimen is that it retains the original inner workings. Many of these early shockers have heavy damage from battery corrosion. Has the original lock that came with machine. The machine measurements are 12 X 9 X 7 inches.

Mills Novelty shockers were very popular during the 1920’s, and there was belief that electricity even had therapeutic effects (hence the “Electricity is Life” marketing).