“Whom You Should Marry” by Exhibit Supply


Product Description

1920’s ‘Whom You Should Marry’ arcade coin operated fortune machine produced by Exhibit Supply Company. Fun and entertaining advice for married couples, dating or singles. A prospective bride or groom inputs a 1 cent penny into the coin slot associated with his/her birth month. Receive a fortune card. The coin-op dispenses marriage advice fortunes based on the astrological horoscope for that month about “Whom You Should Marry”. This is the ORIGINAL machine for sale. Bride, groom and priest / preacher figurines top this 1920s fortune vendor in glass. Genuine wood construction. Not a replica. Vintage game machine size measures approximately 74 in. high x 24 in wide x 14″ deep. For sale – Exhibit Supply Co. ‘Whom You Should Marry’ circa 1920s penny arcade machine: $5,900

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