Exhibit Supply Kiss-O-Meter Arcade


Product Description

Kiss-O-Meter penny arcade machine manufactured by the Exhibit Supply Co circa 1940s. The top sign kissing slogan boasts “Measure the thrill of your kisses”. Dispense 10 cent (dime) into coin slide, grip and squeeze handles to learn the measurement of your kiss. Light will flash next to the kissing degree answer. Options include: hot stuff, naught, passionate, exciting, thrilling, tender, sweet, amateurish, sloppy, sour, clammy, and ice cold. “No electricity needed” written on bottom label with copyright 1945 Exhibit Supply of Chicago, Illinois. Authentic Kiss-O-Meter. Genuine love tester machine. Vintage advertisement flyer describes the machine as “large imposing cabinet, handsomely finished in brilliant laquired colors in modernistic design that must be seen to be appreciated. Attractive flashing top sign that catches the eye of all passersby.” Add this fun and entertaining Kiss-O-Meter style arcade machine to your game room or man cave decor.

Kiss-o-meter cabinet measures approximately 22 in. x 80 in. x 17 inches.

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