Exhibit Supply Co. Triple Amusement Games “The Three Wise Owls”


Product Description

Penny Arcade Machines like found in Coney Island, amusement parks and penny arcades. Exhibit Supply Triple Amusement Game Unit “The Three Wise Owls” with original top sign: 1 cent “How Can I Get What I Want”; 1 cent “How Can I Find The Right Love Mate”; 1 cent “ What Do I Need To Be Happy”; each in original condition by Exhibit Supply Co. c 1930’s . You place a penny in the coin slide and push it in. The machine will flash random and then stop at one light will remain lit. This is your answer, and it will answer your question. It comes with the original lock and keys for the front money drawer and a lock and key for the back. Untested, requires a new power cord. $1895. plus shipping.