The All American Baseball Machine circa 1929


Product Description

The “All American Baseball Machine” by Amusement Machine Corp., circa 1929-1931. This is an extraordinary example of a museum quality arcade machine. This impressive machine is regarded as the finest baseball arcade game ever produced. This grand mechanical masterpeice backside 58 in tall. With a drop of a coin the pitcher throws a ball, the umpire calls balls and strikes, the player’s shift positions in reaction to a hit ball, and the batters continuously change. The manikin players included real ball players of the time, such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. This machine is very attractive with turned legs in a handsome walnut cabinet. Few of the 1929 All American Baseball machine are known to exist.

In 1937, Rockola produced the Rockola Worlds Series Baseball Machine a copycat version with a 50’s look and a veneered cabinet. The 1920’s All American Baseball machine cabinet was not similar to the Rockola by any stretch of the imagination. Machine in good working condition. $79,000 or best offer.