Five Reel Selector Mutoscope – International Mutoscope Reel Co


Product Description

5-Reels Coin-operated Mutoscope “Selector”. This is an Extremely rare five motion-pictures machine mfg. by the International Mutoscope Reel Company, Long Island City, N. Y. The first reel shows the official motion picture of the world’s heavy-weight boxing contest between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. The knockout is seen through the magic of the slow-motion camera. Plus 4 more great reels: Charlie Chaplin in Dizzy Racket, Dempsey-Tunney Fight Round (c. 1927), Ham and Bud in the Sausage Factory (c. 1915 comic relief), and the Underworld of Paris (Apache exhibition style dance). An extraordinarily rare museum piece. $7,500