Billy Bitzer Mutoscope Reel – 1907- “Man Being Run Over By Automobile”

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Product Description

This is a rare antique mutoscope reel kept rather well for more than a century. The mutoscope was made by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company of New York, a low serial number 30, Subject 3261, dated November 5, 1895, January 25,1898. Very hard to find reel!

Based on our research, the reel is most likely called “Man Being Run Over By Automobile”. It was released in January 1907. The mutoscope cast is uncredited(?); however, the photographer / camera man is listed as G. W. Bitzer. G.W. Bitzer goes by the name Billy Bitzer. According to an article on Wikipedia, Billy Bitzer was named “one of the 10 most influential cinematographers in history.” As shown in the photos, a stunt man or magician is being driven over by an old buggie car vehicle and magically is left unharmed.

Hardly any of this subject matter is known to exist. The condition seems to be in rather good shape considering its age. The photos are nice with a few pictures were bent on corner and 2 or 3 photo missing but you would not know it. Mutoscope reels have approximately 800 photos with blank cards in between.

Rare early cinema mutoscope reel with stuntman driven over by an old car. Short flick. Theatrical magic. Black and white silent film. If you love rare mutoscopes, you’ll definitely enjoy our Felix the Cat Mutoscope.