Genco Gypsy Grandma Fortune Teller

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Product Description

Genco Gypsy Grandma Prediction Horoscope Fortune Teller, circa 1940-1950s. Found in original, untouched condition from an arcade. A rare artifact surviving from an era along penny arcade, boardwalk, and amusement parks. The central attraction of the original boardwalk and arcades was the “Gypsy Grandma” that comes to life after depositing a coin into a slot. Once a selection is made using a rotary dial that illuminates the player’s astrological sign of choice, the animated gypsy fortune teller moves her head above a lighted crystal ball while holding a fan of playing cards in her right hand and magic wand in her left hand. Featured sophisticated movements (nods, turns her head, breathes). Her right hand picks-up a fortune card from the enclosure that she opens with her left hand. She brings the card in front of her, turns her head, and then moves the card over the cauldron and drops it (which delivers the card to the patron).

Some of the lights bulbs are out. The machine needs some adjusting. Has a solid maple case. The rotary mechanism that dispenses a scrolled paper horoscope continues to rotate. Machine has many scrolls fortunes. We believe the contacts will require cleaning after sitting for over 30 years. Has lock and key. The large plastic tent canopy is damaged due to machine age; however, we have purchased a new canopy 15 years ago for this machine. We will provide this canopy as part of the sale. The curtain has a small tear can be easily sewed. The machine has two red original balls on top.

Selling as is. Original fortune tellers do not show up for sale very often. This is a fascinating electro-mechanical fortune teller from a by-gone era and a great project for someone.