Vintage “Fool The Guesser” Carnival Arcade Sign


Product Description

Vintage Carnival Gaming Sign ” Fool the Guesser Sign” from Amusement Park & Carnival.
Antique Folk Art Carnival Gaming Fool the Guesser Sign. The object of the game was to fool the game operator (Guesser) of your weight, birthday, or month you were born. A penny scale was placed in the center in front of the sign. If the guesser was wrong you would win a carnival prize. This outstanding sign has the Original Paint. Sign measures about 48″ across and 32” at tallest point. A series of holes surrounds the sign most likely for lights. The winner can win a carnival prize. This is a rare piece of carnival memorabilia. Hand painted on wood. Great colors and patina. rare sign appears to be in great condition with normal wear for its age. Please e-mail with any questions or call 904-712-9465. $495