Watling Original Rol-A-Top 5c Slot Machine with Venders & Gold Awards

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Product Description


This 1935 Watling Rol-A-Top Slot Machine twin jackpot nickel slot machine is 100% original. All original jackpot award card, back door, reel strips, coin box, two Watling Locks, Mint Vendors, Golden Awards, Watling engraved handle, Watling inspection tag, and rare Florida metal operating license dated 1935-36 are all original. The machine is in good operating condition.

The sides and base of are made of solid oak with ribbed grove case. It also has “Fortune” reel strips and the more collectible American coins on the top casting featuring buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, V nickel, walking liberty half dollar, standing liberty quarter, and more. This slot has mint venders and “Gold Award” options. This machine looks absolutely stunning and it plays smoothly. Height: 28″.

If you are looking to own the best of the best, this machine is for you. It is known as “King of all Slot Machines.” Game machines stands are available. Call us with any questions.

Due to laws regulating the sale of slot machines, we will not sell to the states that forbid slot machine sales. See the Slot Laws. Sold