Pike’s Peak Trade Stimulator Gum Ball Skill Game

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Product Description

1 Cent Groetchen Tool Co. Pike’s Peak Trade Stimulator Gum Ball Skill Game w/Stand

1 Cent Groetchen Tool Co. Pike’s Peak Skill Game Trade Stimulator w/ Gumball Vendor and original stand. Rare to find this machine with an original stand. The back door, and coin drawers are original. The machine works good. The bottom lock is original with key. Someone tried to drill out the top lock. Therefore, needs to be replaced. The object of the game is to get as many of the five balls as far up Pike’s Peak as possible. Balls are loaded one at a time once a penny is inserted. The knob on the front of the machine alternately raises and lowers the green and blue sections, moving the ball further up the hill. Unless of course you allow it to slip out one of the side chutes before reaching the top. The higher you can get the ball, the higher the score. Scoring is determined by adding up the values shown in the windows to the left and right of the instruction card. A gumball was also dispensed on each play of the machine from the small door on the lower left. Dimensions: 13” x 11” x 9” 0015

Item is in a good working condition. Item sold ASIS so please ask me questions and let me know if you need any additional pictures.