1906 Dayton Antique Mercantile Scale Co.

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1906 Dayton Antique Computing Scale Co. Style No. 150 Restored Peanuts, Candy, Fruit, Vegies 10lb + Rare Scale. This scale is dated Mar. 27, 1906. Original Dayton Computing Scale Co.10 lb + Rare Mercantile Scale, Peanuts, Candy, Fruit, Vegetables. Style 150; Antique Mercantile scale has a beautiful deep purple with gold pin stripping, polished brass throughout with hand pinstripes. Dimensions: 27 ½” Tall x 30″ Wide x 8 1/2” Dept with Tray Measures 21 1/2″ x 8 ¾”. SOLD

One of a kind antique piece. The scale is in working condition and all the parts are original with original antique pan. Has a few small minor nicks see photo not obvious. Overall in excellent condition. .