1860 French Wheel Cigar Match Holder Game

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Product Description

1860 French wheel cigar match holder gambling device. Early French bar top match holder amusement game and rare antique tobacciana counter top roulette wheel gaming device with match holder in cast iron copper finish. Richly embossed cigar match holder game features a roulette type spinning wheel or ship’s wheel housing an early glass interior art portrait of a beautiful French blonde bar maid or sailor’s valentine with flowers in her hat. Marked “Depose” on the pedestal. This 19th century French gaming device was originally fashioned in pubs for customers to bet on who buys the next pint of beer. It has very ornate motifs and nautical-like features, including the ship’s wheel frame inlayed in a Victorian scalloped shell cameo design. The barrel opening below the wheel holds matches while the striker plate on the base of the pedestal allowed customers to light up their cigars directly at the bar.

No coin required. Player simply spins the ship’s wheel and the white pearl-like ball bounces along the grooved shells of the roulette wheel until it lands on a given number to indicate a reward. The gaming device serves as an early forerunner of the counter-top cigar trade stimulator machine.

Measures approximately 13-1/2″ tall by 7″ wide. Wheel spans approximately 6″ diameter. Game weighs approximately 6 lbs. Well kept. Beautiful details. Manufactured in essentially all cast iron makes this vintage match holder game most desirable for collectors. Please call for additional information. SOLD

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