1906 Dayton Antique Mercantile Scale Co.


Product Description

1906 Dayton Antique Computing Scale Co. Style No. 150 Restored Peanuts, Candy, Fruit, Vegies 10lb + Rare Scale. This scale is dated Mar. 27, 1906. Original Dayton Computing Scale Co.10 lb + Rare Mercantile Scale, Peanuts, Candy, Fruit, Vegetables. Style 150; Antique Mercantile scale has a beautiful deep purple with gold pin stripping, polished brass throughout with hand pinstripes. Dimensions: 27 ½” Tall x 30″ Wide x 8 1/2” Dept with Tray Measures 21 1/2″ x 8 ¾”. You get bubble wrapped, boxed, insured for approx. $35.

One of a kind antique piece. The scale is in working condition and all the parts are original with original antique pan. Has a few small minor nicks see photo not obvious. Overall in excellent condition. I placed a 6 pound weight and registered about perfect. Excellent for age. See all photos of what you are purchasing. Scale will be boxed and the total cost to ship will be anywhere from $80 to $140 based on shipping from Jacksonville, Florida. Please call for exact ship cost 904-712-9465. We will need your shipping address and if being shipped to business or residence address.