CAILLE AC 참신 멀티 벨 슬롯 머신


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5 Cent excellent original Caille AC Novelty Multi-Bell “Seven Way” Slot Machine c 1936. The A C Multi-Bell was manufactured by A. C. Novelty Co. Rare and original vintage machine. This is in the same wonderful condition as found, 100% original working condition. What’s interesting about this machine relates to the seven ways to win. A player can deposit up to seven (7) nickels in the 5 cent coin slots of the machine to increase the odds and chances of winnings. The label states, “Select one or more numbers. Automatic odds 2 to 20 paid. Jackpot paid on three selected emblems All alike in winning row. See chart below for seven different jack pot combinations. One to seven players.” The front panel face shows the seven jackpot bell combinations. A player can individually try to earn the jackpot in seven different multi-bell ways or play against up to seven friends at once! A very unique and innovative slot machine game design for the 1930s. Machine is in ORIGINAL condition with original finish, original fortune reels, genuine coin box, decals and door. View our video for more information about the working condition of this A.C. multi bell slot machine. $7,500

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