Caille ACノベルティマルチベルスロットマシン



5 Cent excellent original Caille AC Novelty Multi-Bell “Seven Way” Slot Machine c 1936. This slot machine allows you to play seven way. A player can insert up to seven (7) nickels in the coin slots at one time to increase the chances of winnings.

This is a fun 7 way play machine. Unlike a typical Slot machine. The first reel has numbers that correspond to the number entered to play and the third reel determines the amount of winnings. Here are two examples how this machine works. First example, if I insert 4 coins #1,3,5,and 7. When I pulled handle and the first reel determines the win but I hit #2, I lost. However second example, instead, I hit number 5 then the third reel also has numbers that determines the amount of coins I win. If that reel shows #10 then I win 10 coins.
A fun and exciting machine to play.

See chart below for seven different combinations. A rare and highly desirable slot machine. Machine has the original fortune reels, coin box, decals and back door lock and key. For additional information give us a call or email about this multi bell slot machine. $7,500
Machine will be professionally boxed. Shipping/Handling $350.

See this slot machine in action refer to the video info below.