Macchina selecto mutoscopio Cinque Reel Coin Op


Descrizione del prodotto

Selecto Mutoscope 5-Reels Coin-operated Machine by the International Mutoscope Company. Also called “Mutoscope Selector”, “Mutoscope Selecto” or dubbed “Muto Selecto” in the Munves vintage catalogues. This is an extremely rare five motion-pictures machine manufactured by the International Mutoscope Reel Company, Long Island City, N. Y circa 1935. Includes five motion picture reels. The mutoscope was dubbed the Selecto since the unit allowed one to select from five different reels. Input 10 cent dime into the coin slot slide. Select the centralbutton (1,2,3,4, or 5) according to the movie reel preference and watch the picture show looking through the mutoscope viewers. The first reel shows the official motion picture of the world’s heavy-weight boxing contest between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. The knockout is seen through the magic of the slow-motion camera. Plus 4 more great reels: Charlie Chaplin in Dizzy Racket, Dempsey-Tunney Fight Round (c. 1927), Ham and Bud in the Sausage Factory (c. 1915 comic relief), and the Underworld of Paris (Apache exhibition style dance). An extraordinarily rare museum quality piece. The 1940s Mike Munves catalogue describes the Selecto Mutoscope or Mutoscope Selecto coin operated arcade machine as, “Selective, electrically operated mutoscope with five choices one for each coin. Reels are smaller in size than regular Muto and cannot be interchanged. Wide selection.” Original wooden case and marquee. Genuine Muto Selecto for sale. Buyer pays shipping. Please call for shipping quote and more photos.