Bimbo Box Monkey Band Jukebox Arcade Automaton


Descrizione del prodotto

Bimbo Box Monkey Band jukebox is a mechanical jukebox that plays a tune and makes cabana monkeys dance when you insert a coin. The Bimbo Monkey Automaton Arcade Machine was manufactured in West Germany during the 1950s by Uta Elektroakustik. The coin operated automaton box lights up inside with 7 figural cabana monkeys on a tropical decorated stage. The figures dance, shake and play their instruments; has a speaker built into the base which plays music through a Band Tefifon cassette (tape present). The animated mechanism is complete but have not played in 30 years. Machine is original, untouched condition, some light bulbs out. Has a continuous loop tape playing circus music and the animated monkeys play along. German made machine was sold by Mike Munves in NY. This particular Bimbo Box monkey jukebox version has seven monkeys compared to a smaller version with six monkeys. Monkeys perform with maracas, drums, guitars, cymbals, trumpets and other musical instruments. RARE! $4795 can be pickup or shipped. SOLD

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