Macchina Future cristallo Gazer Fortune Teller Gumball Coin Op


Descrizione del prodotto

Circa 1931, Rare Future Products Crystal Ball Fortune Teller Arcade Machine. 1 Cent Coin Op. Gaze Into The Crystal For Your Fortune w/Figural Swami Fortune Teller on Top Pedestal. Complete with fortune film strips to tell a different fortune for each play and dispense a gum ball (see all photos). Products Co. 330 N. Ashand Av. Chicago ILL. Look into the crystal ball to see your fortune. This is a very rare antique coin op gumball machine. Beautiful and completely working and dispenses gumball. Includes lock and key. Dimensions: 24” t x 12” w x 10 ½” d.

Prodotti Future rilasciati 4 macchine diverse sotto il nome commerciale, a partire nel 1920.
Other machines made by Future Products during the time period Fortune Teller was produced include:
Crazy Lane year 1931,
Future Crystal Gazer in 1931,
Numbers in 1931,
Fortune Teller in 1920.
One or Two of these machines are known to exist and are very rare.

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