नॉर्थवेस्टर्न कॉर्प चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन मैच मशीन 1 प्रतिशत के लगभग 1920 के दशक

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नॉर्थवेस्टर्न कॉर्प चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन मैच मशीन 1cent। सी। 1920

This Match machine is called the “Art Granite” porcelain covered match vendor according to the label located on the inside of the machine. Very desirable to find a machine with the original paper name tag information and two license labels intact. The label also has the patent information and dated April 1, 1923. A Porcelain 1 cent countertop Match Dispenser Match Vendors of this quality are hard to find especially with that has no porcelain damage or chips. The machine comes with several original Wichita License untouched labels. It works good and has the original lock and with a rekey. The side-to-side, sliding mechanism works on a penny and gives one packs of matches. We have tested this dispenser and is in great working order!. Porcelain machines are rare and very desirable. Many of the match vendors of this style are made of tin. Measures 15 3/4″ tall, 6 1/2″ deep and 6″ wide at the widest point.
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