Penny 4 Jacks Jeux d'argent du commerce Stimulateur Quatre Jackpots


Description du produit

Penny 4 Jacks Gambling Trade Stimulator w/ Four Jackpots 100% Original This piece is in excellent original condition c.1930’s with beautiful patina on decorated metal front attached to an oak wood case. If you collect original untouched games machines, this Penny Four gambler is the item for you. To operate, place a penny in the coin slot opening, hit trigger with finger, and watch the penny drop down the pegboard wall. Land in one of the four slots to win. It’s a fun, authentic game of skill! Penny 4 Jacks comes with the original back door, decal directions, lock and key and the original patina finish. These days its rare to find machines in this condition. Shows little wood damage on the bottom base rear corner. Plays well! The patina surface wear or oxidation shows its original age and history, so in most cases, it is prized by collector that wants great original machines. If you destroy the patina during the restoration process, you can dramatically decrease the value of the item unless the piece is damaged and may need a professional restoration. We do not advocate reproduction machines or a total restoration unless it is necessary. Excellent condition gambling trade stimulator.
We also have a three Jacks machine available.

Penny machine mesure stimulatrices du commerce quatre vérins environ 19 "H x 14,5" x 10 "D. Machine sera professionnellement emballé et livré 85 $.

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