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Description du produit

Antique Carnival Guessing Gaming Sign. This Guessing Game sign is a rare piece of carnival memorabilia. Hand painted on wood. Great colors and patina. The object of the guessing game was to fool the game operator (Guesser) on your weight, birthday, or month you were born. If the guesser was wrong you would win a carnival prize. This outstanding carnival sign has the original blue paint. Sign measures about 48″ across. The cut holes around the circus sign were originally for lighting. This rare vintage carnival sign is in very good original condition with normal wear for its age. Please call or e-mail with any questions. $450.00

We’re also selling a vintage Fool the Guesser carnival sign in an iconic orange, horse-shape profile. For multiple items, Gameroom Show offers a combined rate to reduce shipping costs. Don’t hesitate to contact if you would like any further information about any of our antique collector’s items for sale.