Coca Cola Soda ronde Ice Box Cooler professionnellement reconstituée White Frost Mfg.


Description du produit

Antique Coca Cola Ronde Ice Soda Box Cooler professionnellement reconstituée White Frost Mfg.

This early 1906’s White Frost round ice box that has been restored-repainted, pin striped with Coca Cola theme. This cooler has been masterfully restored to like-new condition and is almost how it may appear out of the crate in 1905. This cooler is complete with the original paper label, polished brass hardware and in great condition for being over 110 years old. The shelves rotate for sodas of your choice and can also be removed. This is what a country store or dry goods store would have in their store. The cooler can hold numerous Cans / Bottles of your favorite sodas and large block of ice. This has been in my air condition den for years and would make a stunning centerpiece in your collection as it has mine. A very rare and desirable piece of memorabilia. You can pick up or we will be very happy to assist you with shipping. North American is one shipper or will use the shipper of your choice. We ship world wide with craters and freighters.