Zoltan adivino Máquina Arcade



Descripción del Producto

Zoltan Fortune Teller manufactured by Prophetron, Inc in Massachusetts from the late 1960s to early 1970s. Remember the movie with Tom Hank’s the movie BIG? A similar looking guy. A compliment to your home theatre and a great decor piece for the movie buff. This is an Original fortune teller machine not
a reproduction. Experience this Astrological Wonder! Deposit a coin and push one of twelve buttons on the front of the machine that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac. Zoltan’s crystal ball is lit by an eerie, mystic light.

To operate: Insert a quarter, put telephone receiver to your ear, press your zodiac sign button, then watch the crystal ball turn colors tto red and listen 1 from 12 Zoltan’s fortunes. Zoltan speaks with a heavy Hungarian accent usually starts out with “this is Zoltan speaking” or “greetings from Zoltan” and then gives his personal prediction and astrological message for your future. The predictions last a minute long and offer insights to your future, colors, lucky numbers, etc. Add this Zoltan fortune teller machine to your man cave or game room decor.The needs some sweeking. The light work and some needs to be replaced. Presently needs some work for sitting for years. A compliment to your man cave and a great decor piece for your home theatre.
Condition: Original machine. Beautiful fiberglass pedestal. See the original Zoltan Cousino Echo-Matic tape cartridge and interior photos of the mechanism. A prized collectible!

Dimensions: Approximately 6 ft high

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