Petersen Medical Electro Batterie Strom ist Leben



At the turn of the century, electricity shock therapy was believed to have therapeutic effects on health and wellness (hence the “Electricity is Life” marketing). Patients would employ electro shock therapy from electrical shocker machines to cure ailments. The coin operated Petersen Medical Electro Battery (c. 1904) claimed to “strengthen your nerves by an invigorating electric treatment. One treatment. One cent.” This is a very rare countertop machine manufactured in the early 1900s. Vintage Electricity is Life Shock Machine Medical Electro Battery by T.W. Petersen Company. Top marquee reads “Electricity is Life” and “How much can you stand.” Quarter oak construction, beautiful cast iron front with copper patina. Ornate details of fire, columns, wreaths, laurels, column capitals on front. Original paper lock and key. Direct Insert penny coin in coin sot opening and pull lever all the way down. Grasp the two ball handles and slowly turn handles to the right as indicated by arrow. The machine electric electro current strength is regulated by the moving switch. Small metal plaque on cherry wood with engraving “Fred L. Sandberg, 716 N Lockwood Avenue, Austin 5380”. Electro Medical Battery. Original and authentic shocker Electricity is Life countertop coin operated machine by T.W. Peterson company. $14,740

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