Exhibit Supply 1-Cent Original Grandfathers Clock Strength c1920


Product Description

Original Exhibit Supply 1-Cent Grandfather’s Clock Strength. This particular model was originally manufactured in the 1920s. Clock dial is original with Exhibit Supply Mfg address inscribed on the internal background papers. This collectible has an original back door and includes a lock and key. It is large, impressive, and rings a bell when certain levels of strength are reached.

To play insert a penny and squeeze the handle. The pendulum of the grandfather clock will swing. The aim is to make the bell ring. The stronger the grip, the more times the bell will ring, putting a smile on the face of the user as well as onlookers, encouraging them to participate as well. People would compete against themselves, trying to beat their own previous levels. Dimensions: 22″ w x 22″ d x 75″ h. Overall, this is a fun Exhibit Supply game machine in need of a little cosmetic attention. Please email or call us for questions or shipping quote.