Penny Arcade Machines

Pre-1930's machines from variouis amusement parks, carnivals, and penny arcade amusement parlors. Click photos to see more information.

Manilla style shooting gallery Exhibit Supply  "Your True Horoscope"  Fortune Telling Machine Astrology - Your Fortune Astrology Machine-museum item Mills Dumbell Lifter circa 1904 Mills Barbell Lifter Rare Jazz Dancer " Emmit" Football Gum Machine Coin-op Machine Castings #2 Coin-op Machine Castings Rare Lighthouse Strength Tester "The Guessing Game"  Arcade Sign "Fool The Guesser" Carnival Arcade Sign Love Tester " Test Your Personality" 30's Exhibit Supply Mystic Eye Arcade Machine Exhibit Supply Test Your Love Appeal Arcade Machine Triple Crane Sidewalk Engineer Machine Rotary Merchandiser Arcade Win Prize machine Monkey Climb Strength Tester Horse Race 5c Gambling Machine Musical Jazz Monkeys; Bimbo Jukebox coin operated Mutoscope Selector machine 5 reel marquee Rare 5 Reel Mutoscope Macine Zoltan Fortune Teller Astrology Penny Arcade Machine Exhibit Supply Co. 1920's Whom You Should Marry by Exhibit Supply Exhibit Supply "Your True Horoscope" Penny Arcade Machine Caille Mascot Lung Strength Tester Rare Mystic Mirror Arcade Machine with Oak case Exhibit Supply Love Machine "Test Your Sex Appeal" Exhibit Supply Gripper Machine Clown Tungo Strength Tester Solar Horoscope Fortune Teller Mutoscope Rotary Merchandiser Bally 40's Basketball Machine Mutoscope Rare "Felix the Cat" Reel Penny Arcade Sign "Fool The Guesser" Rare Conjurer Fortune Teller Mutoscope machine, coin operated Rare "Mystic Hand" Fortune Teller-museum piece Strength Tester Canda Cast Iron Trade Stimulator Exhibit Supply Whom to Marry Grandma Fortune Telling Machine Mutoscope Punching Bag machine Digger Machine metal prizes Poison the Rat Machine Exhibit Supply Post Man Arcade Machine  Shooting gallery, Arcade Machine

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